The man climbs a tree so as not to be attacked while recording the scene and screams to scare him away and try to save his dog.

The images are not new, but in recent days they have re-collected today on social media. It is a video recorded by a man after climbing a tree after being attacked by a wild boar piara.

The stunned wanderer sees helplessly as his hunting dog, a Breton epagneul, is constantly persecuted by them. Although in the first instance neither boar nor dog do to face each other,one of the suidos finally lashs out at the can and defends himself with fangs. Then it's the other animals that run after the dog to attack him.

We then share the curious confrontation, in which a hunting dog owner starts screaming in order to scare away the boars and leave his dog alone, although he doesn't seem to have much luck.

A boar piara meets a German shepherd and launches himself into attack

A video in which you see aGerman shepherd who ran into a wild boar piara was also the protagonist in this medium a few days ago. It doesn't seem to bite them, but it doeswarns them on several occasions that he has no intention of backing down... nor the boars either.So he starts a tug-of-war to see who is able to dominate the territory. We showed you.

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