The images of a woman feeding a hare with the same fork she used to feed have left no one indifferent.

The woman eats the same food as the animal. / Instagram

A video in which you can see a hare on a woman's plate of food and how the latter He offers some of the food and then puts the rest in his mouth It has provoked a multitude of reactions on social networks.

"Then come the zoonoses," criticized one netizen, linking the event to the current coronavirus crisis. Others, however, have downplayed the matter and alluded to the girl's love for animals.

Although the images have been filmed outside Spain, it is worth remembering some of the diseases that hares can transmit to humans by direct contact, such as tularemia. Also the leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease of tropical origin transmitted by an insect, produced outbreaks of particular importance in the south of Madrid between 2010 and 2013 with Hundreds of people infected.

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