A follower of Jara y Sedal sends us the video of a cat licking and caring for two newborn scratches.

Cat Wild Boars
The cat with the wild boars. / Instagram

A Portuguese follower of Jara and Sedal sent to our editorial staff The video of a cat frolicking and caring for two baby wild boars. Luis Pinto explains to this media outlet that the recording was taken in the surroundings of his house, located in Sobral da Adiça, on the border with Extremadura.

In it, the two scratches are seen playing with the feline and climbing on top of it in a cute video. What is surprising is that the mother was not present. According to Pinto, the cat does not stop licking and taking care of the scratches at all times, which do not leave her side.

Two hunters film this shocking scene during a wild boar hunt

Several moments in the video in which you can see the fight between the two felines and the animal that appeared shortly after. /YouTube

A father and son were enjoying a wait in Florida (United States) with the intention of shooting a wild turkey. Although already the year beforeonepumahad made an appearance, that afternoon not one, buttwo, they were going to delight them with a furious fight.

However, far from the shocking moment they were able to record with their mobile phones,oneHuge Wild BoarI was going to come out of the thicketand charge at them as if it were a rhinoceros. TAnd we'll tell you about it here.

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