The Brown Bear Foundation uses Tuesday's video in the province of Palencia as an example of what should never be done.

The video of a brown bear wandering this Tuesday through a
road of the province of Palencia has served the Brown Bear Foundation to spread through their social networks
several guidelines on what to never do if you find yourself one
similar situation.

"We know that something extraordinary feels and in many cases
acts without bad faith, as is clear from the original audio of this
video, which we have nevertheless removed to preserve identities," they begin.
explaining while showing the recording. "That's why we insist again and again.
so that the message falls and we are all aware for the sake of the bears and
of yourself, if you go by car and you find bears on the road, "they put in

Here are the guidelines:

  • Don't chase them or approach them
  • Stop and slow down the vehicle and put the emergency lights making it easier for them to leave the road.
  • If you chase them you can cause an accident and we also have to take into account that you would be violating the law because it is a protected species in danger of extinction.

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