Greet Carlitos, say hello Well we stop to load fuel at this time

We are going to take the opportunity to film a little It is five thirty in the morning, more or less 6 approximately, so well We are going on the way to what is the atuel, taking advantage now to stretch our legs a little and continue traveling Excellent we are going to get on now although There it is! The flake? The wind has just picked up, so I took the opportunity to change the fly, a little Princess to continue fishing

So let's take advantage of fishing this part of the river with another fly That good!!! There we have a trout from the Soñado, from the Atuel Hermosa!!! We are going to return to the well that we fished at the beginning of the day to see if we are lucky We already let it rest for a while We were fishing several slides, so well we return to the initial well and we will see what luck we have there Let's go! Beautiful Truchita!!