Well we're ready for the second day of fishing I hope you like it

Well in this area that we are visiting in this part of the river, we have not had too much luck, just a pick So let's keep walking, we will continue to travel the river Let's go down

Hopefully we have better luck join us to continue fishing this beautiful place in Valle Hermoso Bueno we have not had much luck we have not had much luck we have had only a pick so we will continue fishing and going down the river we go down the river we will see if we have better luck An amazing place, spectacular We will fish a little, let's see if we are lucky SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL NOW End of this fishing day now we are going back to the van to return to the cottage, rest and in a while go out to Mendoza I hope you like this video as much as I liked to do it and I want to thank all those who are subscribed to the channel for belonging to the channel and for following me Thank you very much and see you next week with a new video