"Why can you enjoy the sea by surfing and not fishing? Why can't you go canoeing down a river but you can't fish in it? Why can you go for a walk or a run but you can't hunt?" asks renowned hunter Pedro Ampuero.

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Pedro Ampuero, during the video. / Facebook

Pedro Ampuero, manager in Europe of development at the American firm
clothing and technical equipmentKUIU, experienced goalkeeper and collaborator ofJara and Sedal, has posted a video in recent hours on
social media in which he makes a burning defense of the return to hunting and
fishing in the alarm state, activities that will not be able to return until phase 2

"Since the de-scalding rules were announced last week, I've been turning my head around. I'm glad that people can finally take to the streets to play sports, but the reason for this video is that there's one thing I haven't just understood yet. ¿Why have they authorized all individual sports except hunting and fishing? They leave it, if that, for phase 2... after opening shops and bars», begins by arguing Ampuero.

'There is no more individual activity than hunting or fishing'

"Honestly, I can't think of one more activity or sport
individual than hunting or fishing. You go to the country alone, with nothing or anyone else, to
try to disconnect. Why can you enjoy the sea by surfing and not
can you fish? ¿Why you can go in
canoeing down a river but can't fish in it? Why can you go for a walk
or to run but can't hunt?
If the risk is transfers, you have to
respect it, but why can't it be legally hunted in your municipality?"
denouncing the renowned hunter.

"Instead of having to queue with a mask in a supermarket you could be hunting or fishing. They only remember us when wild boars enter cities or when the damage to agriculture is such that it is up to the City Council to pay. Since we don't broadcast games on TV, we seem to be nobody. This is another attack on hunting and fishing that we are sadly getting used to," Ampuero continues.

And he ends his video also with a vindicative tone: "Enough is enough. While hunting is treated in the rest of the world as a fundamental activity, here it is treated as a stinking activity».

The article Pedro Ampuero ravages with this video in which he says what many hunters are thinking appears first in Jara and Sedal Magazine.