Accompany this group of friends to live an extraordinary day of hunting with the thrush as the protagonist.


It seems that some light is already visible at the end of the tunnel and de-escalation is closer than ever. This does not mean that we can go hunting immediately so If you want to calm down a little shotgun and mount, Cazaflix Keep making it easy for you... and free of charge.

This is a video for those hunters of minor who miss a lot stepping on the field with their shotgun on their shoulder. Here the protagonist is the thrush.

This small migratory bird, which drives many crazy, flies through the preserve of Cazaflix, remembering a day of hunting in the mountains of Cádiz. This is the first control port that these small steps must pass through at their entry into Europe, after the long migration from the African continent.

If you want to enjoy a day of thrushes on the go, Enter Cazaflix.

First the thrush and then the torcaz. More migrants in Cazaflix

Although there are several months left to try to step on the stubble in search of summer birds, we are sure that theconfinement by theCovid-19It is the perfect excuse to have a good time thinking about the half ban.

Lots of pigeons. That's what you're going to find in this documentary,filmed in the surroundings of Madrid,where the pigeon moves with the first light of day to go to eat in the nearest fields. Although being the third day of hunting,The torcaces decided to pass very high at the beginning, Hannibal, the hunter, set outComplete a fabulous hanger with its cartridges of 34 grams and pellet of 7.

If you can't take it anymore at homeand you need a good dose of field in vein the best thing is that you get comfortable andEnjoy with the final resultof the day,

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