In this third episode, Ramón Garoz will explain step by step how you can place a rebeco trophy on a stand to give it a decorative and modern touch.


As many of you know, Taxidermaníahas reached the platformCazaflixForteach you to make your own trophies and, above all, to entertain you.

After the success of the first episodes whereGaroz brotherstaught how to performa boar tabletand a skull of Corzo, it's the turn of the Chamois.

In this video, Ramon wants you to be creative. Forget for an instant the classic wooden trophies hanging from the walls. Learn how to place your trophies on an iron stand to try this with an innovative and highly decorative design.

The rebeco, a different job

This animal has a different process to the roe deer trophy. Not only do you have to cook the skull, but you also have to do that process for the horns. The goal will be that you can remove them and clean them thoroughly before final assembly.

The process is different but if you follow in the footsteps of Ramón Garoz you will be surprised how easy it is.

Give a modern and different twist to your trophies, enter Cazaflix and enjoy the third chapter of Taxidermanía.

Learn how to make a roe deer

In this video, Juanjo Garoz is in charge of guiding you step by step through the taxidermy process of a skull ofCorzo.

For starters, it shows youhow to properly skin your headso that there is as little meat as possible when cooking. Once cooked, Juanjo will show howwhitening the bone, possibly this is the decisive step. If you've never done it, take paper and pen because it's so interesting.

If you want to enjoy with the Garoz brothers and learn how to ride your own roe deer skull, do not hesitate.EnterCazaflix!Do you dare to prepare any of your trophies?


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