A Sevillian hunter engraves a beautiful image composed of up to six bedridden lebratos. The video has aroused the excitement of hundreds of hunters in recent hours.

Litter with six lebratos

The Sevillian hunter Miguel
Olive groves
has recorded one of the most beautiful images so far in the world
spring composed of six bedridden lebratos. The image, which has soon
traveled hundreds of mobile hunters, has been taken in the province of Seville
and the hunter does what he should: does not touch
nor does it bother the pieces, it is only limited to recording a unique moment and that does not
you will never forget

In addition, this video shows theendurance capacity of hares in their bedsin situations of danger, remaining stoic and not moving one iota despite having a few days to live.

In osuna they are breeding well

Publiée par Miguel Olivares Delgado sur Vendredi 29 May 2020

A farmer records a brave lebrato who attacks him on several occasions

A video in which a baby ofhare attacking a farmerthat records the following images is sweeping the Internet. The gazapo does not hesitate to throw himself repeatedly against the camera, defending himself as he can.

Hares have a reputation for being "brave", as the galgueros say, but this particular specimen has amply demonstrated this. At a time in the recording in which even the person who films it brings some leaves against the animal, it is not frightened and continues to ram. We show it to you here.

The endurance of this bedridden hare will leave you speechless

The bedridden hare. / JyS

The video impresses:a bedridden hare holds until the last thousandth of a secondto tryembark on the career. The animal does this after a group of hunters remain talking and making noise around it for several minutes. Its endurance is such thatnor does it flinchwhen dogs pass around you. One of them even jumps over his body. We showed you.

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