That wild boar is an intelligent and opportunistic animal is something that no one calls into question. They've been since they were little. For sample, this video has caused the surprise of many on the networks.

jabali's cria

A few days ago we were rescuing history of a small boar that had strayed from his mother and had been 'adopted' by a flock of sheep. Today we bring a similar story, starring another rayon and a goat.

It is a video that has started to cause a furore on social media. In it you can see a wild boar calf sucking directly from the udder of a domestic goat while it remains calm. In the images it is noticeable that the animal is used to feeding it.

Inter-species adoption

It's not the first time we've seen one species feeding another. In fact, the phenomenon of inter-species adoption is common. According to experts, the animals they adopt are females, almost always in lactation they have lost their offspring or have not had them. 'When an animal breeds another species it does so by mistake, by accident. He does it instinctively," says Diego Gil, an ethologist at National Museum of Natural Sciences.

The article They engrave a wild boar calf breastfing a goat appears first in Jara and Sedal Magazine.