The eggs in this partridge's nest have just hatched and this man records moments later the reaction of the mother, who has fallen in love with the hunters.

Two moments from the video in which partridge and newly hatched eggs are seen. / Facebook

A video in which you see a partridge cast into the undergrowth with the pellets under its wings just inches from where he had the nest has caught the eye of hundreds of hunters who keep sharing it on social media.

"Look where the bird is with the birds. Look at the little animals all there," recounts the man who has recorded the images while showing where the partridge is.

"He's taken out very few. It has two, four, six, eight... Everyone hasn't taken them out," he says below, focusing on the nest with some of the un hatched eggs and others already full of ants that feed on the remains inside these.

Get to record the exact moment when a partridge breaks the shell

It is not easy to witness such a moment, in which nature gives us one of the magical moments as expected: the break of the shells that are to let out thepartridge chickens. A process that takes place after partridge has incubated them for about 23 to 24 days.

It is a process that can be easily seen in partridges raised in captivity, for obvious reasons, but not very difficult if we talk aboutwild partridges in their natural habitat.

This video, recorded by a man working in a vineyard, shows thatprecise moment when partridge chickens break the shelland nod their little head to a new world full of dangers. Quite a gift for the senses.

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