The camera that carried the car installed on the front moon recorded the shocking accident, which you can see in the video we shared at the end of this news.

The roe deer crosses the road and the car can do nothing to dodge it. / YouTube

A car drives on a secondary road in France when a roe deer runs across the road and the driver can do nothing for avoiding collision. Everything happens very fast and the deer is displaced several meters and thrown into the air after the impact. The camera that had this car installed recorded the accident.

At the beginning of the video you can see how the person driving does it quietly and at a normal speed while listening to music. Suddenly a male roe deer appears on the scene. Exit the right ditch and he tries to cross the road quickly, but does not have time.

The images, although recorded in April 2017, have taken on special relevance in recent days after a well-known French hunting page shared them. They assure that in the French country there are about 30,000 collisions of this type every year So what car insurance invests about 20 million euros in them in repairs and associated damages.

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