Should I use a mask if I go hunting or fishing during de-scalding? Does it depend on the phase? From a distance to someone else? We solve these and other last-minute doubts.

chewing mask hunting and fishing
Is the use of a mask mandatory? /Pedro Ampuero

During the last days there are several questions that hunters raise about masks and whether or not their use will be mandatory during de-scalding. Today's BOEMay 20Collects cases where masks will be mandatory to useThursday, May 21. We detail below when to use it and what guidelines you must follow.

Health authorities have also recommended that in thatmodalities involving more than one huntera preventive action plan should be in place by the controller detailing all general hygiene and prevention measures against COVID-19.

Should I wear it if I go hunting or fishing?

Specifically, hunters and fishermen should wear masks when it is not possible to maintain the safety distance (2 metres) and hunting or fishing utensils, food or drink may not be shared. In addition,clean and disinfect the useful ones used for the development of both activities.

As a general rule, who should wear the masks?

All people six years and older. The BOE adds that its use is also "recommended for the child population ofbetween three and five years».

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, "people who presentsome kind of breathing difficultyaggravated by the use of the mask and those whoseuse is contraindicatedfor health or disability reasons." In this way, people suffering from asthma, allergy, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders or dementia, among other ailments, would not be required.

Do we have to wear it all day?

The normative text nuances that its use 'shall not be enforceable in the development of activities which are incompatible, such as food and beverage intake, as well as in circumstances where there is a cause of force majeure or a situation of need'.

What type of mask should be used?

In this sense, the Government is quite flexible. It understands that the obligation is fulfilled by the use of 'any type of mask, preferably hygienic and surgical, covering the nose and mouth'.

How long will the masks have to be used?

Its obligation is, for the time being, linked to thevalidity of the alarm status. Although new regulations could extend its use beyond that period of time.

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