Every day there are more fishermen who seek to innovate to find what can give a plus of efficiency to their baits and therefore to their fishing sessions. Today we are talking about a product that, despite taking time with us, perhaps has not been able to exploit in its proper measure. Do you want to know what it is? Well, do not miss these lines. Possibly you will change the way you fish.

flumino fishing

What is flumino?

Flumino Products

The flumino for current fishing is a chemical that emerged to activate the fish when feeding. It is not harmful to the environment and visually generates a striking and fluorescent appearance in the water, which makes the fish come to see first what it is, to later encourage them to eat.

We all know that fish are curious and when they see something different and with a certain smell, they do not hesitate to approach to see and even eat what is in the water.

Effect of flumino on water

How do I use flumino?

The fluid fluid usually contains high rates of amino acids and proteins. Working very well throughout the water column. It can be applied in both cold and hot water, and especially bearing in mind that it is a non-polluting product for the environment.

If the flumino is of good quality it will be enough to put a few drops on our hook bait, it is also valid for the engodo, the primer, in the PVA mesh or even inside the PVA bag. After this we can start fishing. So, if you want to get really fast results, don't hesitate to use Flumino on your baits.

Effect of flumino on a boilie

And they can also have flavor!

Yes flumino can be made with flavors and smells that even no one could imagine. From neutral flavor for those who are only looking for purely visual effect, to flavors as succulent as krill, crab, corn, anise, vanilla, octopus, spicy, belachán, citrus...

All these flavors and more give a special plus to our baits, giving them not only a visual aspect but also an essential touch to one of the most important sense organs for fish, taste, this does not go unnoticed when the fish takes one bait or another.

Therefore, the flumino is a product that works very well, as long as you know how to combine at the right time, place and bait.

The article The power of flumino to fish appears first in Jara and Sedal Magazine.