I have a bird inside my house To the bathroom Obviously I can not miss the garbage I have a bad smell in my bag I am sure everyone is looking at me Well, here we are, I will embody two lines For snakes And let's try to see what is going on Here the guys pointed me out

What's your name? Brian Esteban I was told that snakes come out here in these trenches Then I'm going to throw here There's a cave there you see, there you see Seen Over there You want me to register for you? It comes out there, there goes Aguan Aguantá There was one before but they went there took it You have to bury it well, they should swallow it, then There it swallows it, sends it inside the cave There, it looks like it was already buried If it was already buried There he grabbed it and saw that Embrace it to touch it and hug it He did not catch it, did not catch it, Not here , here, it's there I saw how great Sheikh Shao was, now yes! Mmm, spit it out! Hold it, no, spit it out and bring it Find Isa !!! Jahaja donkey hook Yes yes, I won't take it, yes girl Yes girl, a bird, we put it inside your bucket? Hahaha Hello bird! Do we put it inside? Master quets? Well I'm sorry I have a friend who gives me $100 per eel Well, I've already had one! ajjaja Now it's my turn to go out Or did we see something, something with two tails! ??? Oh if there's a lizard with two tails we saw Where Twisted, here on the curve "Tail with lizard" AJAJJAJAJAJ Do we go close to the cyber? There's a hole like this Re-Grosso here it's just around the corner

Then there were snakes Look at Franco And on the other block, fold over there Fold over there, over there have you seen how it's used? There he takes her to the cave There it seems to me that she was released, no, no, he took it, he's remodeling his baby He's swallowing all the thread He's already swallowed the hook Get him out! Now yes, there should be a must have Until he gets in there, don't you want to get out? No, I took it out I put my hand and it will go right, over there There, eh! Another wiser Look where I parked you in your head, I hung it, will you take this? You, no, I don't take it then Oh, the head that takes off Chao, fight, They're little snakes Do you want me to hug someone? Look what these snakes are, you took the kids from the guacho eel, did you catch him? No! Hey, but you did a lot of slime yes, a lot of slime ((((Barking dogs non-stop)))) Here it is, Aya! The stocking leaves me I've already tried if you don't have a snail! Oh, I ate it, I didn't realize There she grabbed you (((LADRIDOS AND MORE LADRIDOS)))) You also eat it hahahaha More hunger What she has is that they get scared after a while (((Thousands of plastic dogs))) Did you take it out? Yes!!! , that it's !!! Here the chicken does not peel We will buy something to drink It is half of the scagon sea snake from which you do not want to leave I put it there and moved all the water over there There? Chao left it The launch of e? Statement? We look good and thank you for joining today Brian We see Mr. Men Chao Chow I was making the last shot and Connect one Now I will stay to make another couple A there goes Well, apparently the trenches are over here I had a good catch, I met some petitos that showed me where to hunt snakes I already go home, but I will go because I know I am about to leave the group!