How do we calibrate a buoy? we connect a ballast in this case I already have the buoy calibrated Look at greater weight the buoy will sink, logically with a lower weight will calibrate to the height we want to work However

How do we measure the depth of the fishing site? let's get to that How do we build the team? damn the first thing we must do is assemble the equipment Once assembled the equipment, it is necessary to make a sliding knot I have already done Look and regulate it to two meters first we do the sliding knot after removing the line by the toe we place a pearl place the buoy and the ballast at the end of the line Already calibrated as I show above I repeat sliding knot, pearl, buoy, and ballast at the end there is the sliding knot two meters away there are the stones the ballast will fall the line will run see? and the buoy will lie down

Why is the buoy lying down? because the ballast touched the bottom, the idea is that more depth the ballast does not have to touch the bottom then we must find the distance, the appropriate depth for the knot that we have made Now I will try to pull and see how deep there is you will not be able to see the buoy but There are two meters deep

just ay depth the two meters required if I take the buoy to the shore, two meters if here there is depth Look I hope this video has been useful Many have asked me through the networks in the comments of youtube I try to continue fulfilling the orders On time I can not with all the orders but always I always make a place for all of you and try to please everyone I hope that this video has you been very helpful and good

If you have doubts, write me in the comments I think to measure the depth, it was quite clear the key is to regulate well the buoy and good nothing friends, see you in the next video Good luck and good fishing