Join the De Onís Safaris team on this fantastic big game hunting adventure in search of the big Asian wild boars in the dead of night.


If you are a lover of hunting wild boars, either in beating or waiting, Asia offers an immense range of possibilities. In addition to a high density of pigs, the quality of their tusks and the weight in kilos of these beasts make that if you have a little luck you can collect the wild boar of your life.

In this video, you can enjoy for free in Cazaflix, you will accompany the professional team of hunters of the Organic Spanish De Onís Safaris.

When darkness invades everything, the great wild boars of Tajikistan roam freely through the mountain, offering simply spectacular lances.

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Do you want to take the wool scarf and embark on a unique trip to the snow?It is one of the best options to escape (even for a few minutes) from the routine caused by confinement.

In this documentary there are two protagonists:Pablo Ortegaand his son.Both share the hobby of hunting and nature and on the occasion of the wedding of the second, they spent a few days ofmountain hunting in the Austrian Alps, in the footsteps of the imposing alpine chamois.

The chamois, kings of the summits

TheChamoisOchamois(Rupicapra rupicapra) is a bovid of thesubfamilyCaprinaepresent in somemountain ranges ofEurope, as theCarpathianstheAlpstheCaucasus,and certain mountainous areas of the Balkans, Slovakia and Turkey and of course,in Spain.

Body length in adult specimens ranges from110 and 130 centimeters, to which we must add the 3 or 4 contributed by the short tail.The height at the withers is 70-80 centimeters and the weight varies between 20 and 30 kilos.

A unique journey

For those of us who share the hobby of hunting with our parents, there is nothing better than spending a picnic with them. They are our teachers, and from them we have learned everything we know. Surely this video transports many to those mornings of rabbits with their father or to some piggy hook, hand in hand.

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