7 Tips for Fishing the Black Bass
We are still in the month of April and the Blass fishing is at its peak of the year. At this time the largest pieces come to spawn on the shore and it is when the best catches of the year are usually given. From hunting and catching we are going to offer you 7 tips to make your fishing days unforgettable.
Don't force the lures.
The Black Bass, especially in this era, does not look for very strange lures. Forget about weird shapes and extravagant colors. Go to the classic, crabs, senkos, fluke worms. You do not need to spend a fortune on lures, with the above you are left over
2. Change places.
3. Don't be afraid to lose.
Take a risk on the logs, the trees, the undergrowth because that's where you'll find the prize. Make sure you have a good line and prepare the vinyl Texas style (hiding the hook) It loses much less than you imagine.
4. It's a good time to fish on foot.
If you do not have a duck boat, this is your fishing season. Look for the tails, and from the shore, throw into the undergrowth try to cross the vinyl from shore to shore, so you will supply the advantage of fishing from boat. And walking has always been considered one of the best exercises, right?
5. Soft semi-rigid rod.
This point is very personal, but at this time of year I have always preferred to fish with very sensitive rods, they are more difficult when it comes to finishing the bite, but their sensitivity compensates, and by far. Always look for sensitivity in the hand of the reel, it is the key to a successful bite.
6. Do not overdo it with the size of the hooks.
It is not necessary that you fish with very large hooks, as they hinder the movement of the vinyl and make it very unnatural, with a 0/2 0/1 it is enough to use the 0/3 only for very large vinyls.
7. Enjoy.
This is the main point. Forget about the fish that left, the ones that started from the ones that didn't get to bite. Simply, throw the rod again and forget about everything, I assure you that it will again bite another much better. Enjoy every day of fishing, take a few beers, go with good friends, have fun. This is the real reason for our hobby.
Extra Point: Fishing and water.
This is the first thing you should remember. Respect for the place you are in. Enjoy your captures, weigh them, take a picture, enjoy. But then, return them to the water, so, next year you will enjoy new catches, and maybe and only maybe the fish you released can come out again next year with a few hundred grams more, giving you another throw to remember. But this is the beauty of fishing, isn't it?
And so far our series of tips, obviously they are very personal and everyone can take them and apply them in their own way. Our mission is to help you with your hobby and we hope we have done so. Greetings, and until our new entrance!