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Hunting and Fishing Licenses

How to obtain a Hunting License or Fishing License?

Select the License Type you need to view its details, select the Autonomous Community and at the end you will be able to send the personal data and complete the payment.

We will process the license and send it to you.

What is the Fishing License or Fishing Permit for?

We must know that when we want go fishing, whether from boat, with cane or in apnea, we will have to possess a fishing license or permit, this document is granted by its Autonomous Community, through the body governing fishing activity, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The fishing license allows us to perform our favorite sport without fear of exposing ourselves to some kind of sanction or fine, one fact to keep in mind is that the permit is personal and non-transferable, that is, a license is valid for a single person and it may not be loaned to anyone.

Types of fishing licenses

  • Fishing from land or shore
  • Fishing boat
  • River fishing

What's the Hunting License for?

The hunting licence is a permit granted by the Environment Counsel of the Autonomous Community for the authorization of the practice of hunting in this Community

Along with the hunting license you also have to prove the possession of compulsory insurance of the hunter, and the permit of the hedge where the hunt takes place.

It is also necessary for the hunter to respect the periods skilled for the practice of hunting in accordance with the law of vedas of the Autonomous Community

We help you to process your hunting license for the autonomous community in which you will practice the activity.

Simply complete the purchase process and provide the necessary documentation for processing.

Hunting and Fishing Insurance

How can I get Hunting or Fishing Insurance?

Select the Type of Insurance you need to see its details, you can choose the features, after adding to the basket you can send the personal data and complete the payment.

We will process the insurance and send it to you.

Hire Game Insurance

Having hunting insurance to practice the activity is mandatory.

You can have insurance with:

Compulsory Civil Liability

Voluntary Civil Liability

Legal Protection (Defense and Bonds)

Insured's Personal Accidents

Hire Fisheries Insurance

We help you process your fishing insurance.

You can have insurance with:

Voluntary Civil Liability:

Insured's Personal Accidents

Legal Protection (Civil Defense and Bonds)

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